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Using your birth date,time and location you can access the detailed reports and features, easy to use menu layout great for beginners as well as advanced students of astrology.

AstroMatrix Horoscopes and Birth Charts at your fingertips. Adam Lowenthal. Planet Aspects. Download App. Deep emotional action. Play Follow. Overview Related Aspects. Pluto in 4th House This placement can have a strong and transforming effect on the domestic and family affairs of each other. The Pluto person is likely to try and transform the domestic situation of the 4th House person.

If Pluto is badly aspected there may be emotionally volatile reactions. It can be a critical factor in family relationships where people live under the same roof. If Pluto is well aspected there could be a mutual love of nature and concern about the environment. Latest Release. Drifting Track Commentary. Free Reports. New Moon in Taurus. Sun in Taurus.

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Mercury in Aries. Full Moon in Libra. Download our AstroMatrix Mobile App Using your birth date,time and location you can access the detailed reports and features, easy to use menu layout great for beginners as well as advanced students of astrology.About Pluto in the 12 house. I've read it is a karmic indicator about a past life in ancient times.

Romantic Compatibility Synastry House Overlays

Is it true? I met someone due to a death. A loss brought us close. Guess Pluto pointed his finger at it?

Synastry Overlays: Sun in First Through Seventh Houses

Now about feelings. Does the Plutonian person feel the same too? What do they usually do? Love deep, try hard, stalk etc? Yes it's karmic. All of the above are possible scenarios you mentioned are possible. Sometimes the Pluto person has dreams about the house person prior to meeting them. It all depends on the Pluto persons natal chart and the karma between the two because this placement can be both very good and very bad or very uncomfortable proper boundaries need to be set because the 12th house can be very misunderstood.

Often times while planets are transiting the 12th house the planet brings people whom have that planet in their 12th house natally or that place that planet in your 12th via synastry.

Synastry Astrology-Venus in partners fourth house

I also have this aspect with my twinflame whom i have not physically met yet only thru dreams and we're also telepathic which I'm still trying to do any suggestions his pluto is in my 12th house so I'm curious to see how this play out Yeap, this aspect is preeeeeeeetty wack. That's the aspect that got me into astrology. I was the Pluto in his 12th. I started believing in past lives cuz of this aspect.

I just know those eyes. It was extremely painfull also. I am afraid it is painful because a friend of mine whose Pluto is in my 12th house treated me so bad i just could not believe it was real. Ok other aspects may play role too but now i think i know what it means and it kinda scaries me.

I wonder how Pluto view the house person and their impact on them. How was your experience? OMG, yes, this is exactly the case with me. I had dreamed of this Pluto person in my 12th house when I was a teen. But, it came to my life in such a complicated way, that it has turned all my life upside down, huuuuuuge transformation for me.

And we haven't started anything in 3D yet! Maybe we never do, but so far, it's enough anyway. I have this with someone, in my 12th.

I closed down this whole saga between us. Since then i keep dreaming with him but i know when we'll bump into each other he won't be able to leave me alone.

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I have it transitting since there since ,Suffering from Ocd since then. If 2 persons have Pluto in house 12 each other and one of them have venus in 12 house of other I have my Venus and my Pluto in someone's 12th house. What does that person feel?When you overlay your Sun onto the chart of your partner, you can gain plenty of insight into how you affect that person, and what areas of their life you take particular interest in.

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Generally, this overlay generates approval between the two—more specifically, your approval and affection for your partner is welcomed by your partner, offering a pleasant feeling of being able to be open and free in your presence.

You give each other an ego boost, and this overlay tends to offer relationships a feeling of camaraderie and general agreement. You awaken all sorts of issues in your partner, and his or her very identity is on the line in this relationship. You energize and stimulate your partner, making him or her more self-aware.

Possessiveness should be avoided, as this can lead to either person feeling stifled. In a sexual relationship, there is likely to be considerable desire, but, again, be sure to avoid treating each other as if you own them.

Your partnership is generally easygoing. You are seen by your partner as someone who stimulates him or her. If it is also found in an outgoing house, you may not have a very profound impact on your partner emotionally. A very basic sense of shared identity is felt between you and your partner.

You affect your partner deeply, and your partner is likely to be very sensitive to your actions. Your partner is likely to feel a strong bond, and might feel somewhat dependent on you for emotional support. This is an intimate and personal connection, and it is not always a rational one. In fact, you may stimulate the inner child of your partner, and he or she may not always respond to you in ways that make sense. Jealousies and possessiveness can result, and it generally works both ways, though you may display these things more than your partner.

Your partner views you as a vehicle through which he or she can have fun, and perhaps as an ego boost. The success of this relationship will depend much on how you respond to this. This is a creative and dynamic overlay, with plenty of romantic attraction and the promise of some truly pleasurable leisure time together. Sometimes it is a conscious thing, and you take pleasure in it. This relationship can be an imbalanced, unequal partnership.

Eventually, the imbalance in your relationship can be a source of resentment. At your best, you show your affection for your partner by doing little things for them or giving them sound advice.

At your worst, you end up criticizing the little things that they do.See instead: Venus overlays in 1st—3rd housesor 7th—9th housesor 10th—12th houses. For sure, you have a strong attraction to them, and you would like to give them your all. But you have a nagging need to protect yourself in this relationship. The house person will sense your hesitancy.

The house person may interpret this as you being unsure of your feelings for them, or they may think you lack confidence to release your inhibitions. However, there is also uncertainty, discomfort, and tension. This disruptive energy can be pacified by other harmonious synastry inter-aspects, and some people are simply okay with this energy. They may find it exciting. But for many people, sadly, Venus in this water house can drown your love. The fifth house overlay is the most romantic overlay for Venus.

You Venus person see the house person as the embodiment of beauty and perfection. This, of course, is very subjective. Everyone else may see the house person as a regular Joe or Jane. In fact, the house person may be just a regular Joe or Jane. But, not to you. No, you see them as the loveliest thing on Earth. Rather, you forgive any faults in the house person, and you decide that those are the perfect faults to have. Everything about the house person is perfect, in your view.

Naturally, the house person enjoys being seen in such a wonderful light. The house person appreciates the fact that you have placed them on a pedestal higher than anyone else has ever placed them.

You make the house person very happy, and you arouse their love. If the house person has a low self-image, or if they are very uncaring and selfish, they may be tempted to take advantage of your great adoration for them. Most people, however, will simply enjoy your love and be honest with you about where they want the relationship to go.

This is a lucky overlay in that it grants you what most couples can only dream of: the joy of being with someone who embodies everything lovely and wonderful. Both of you are extremely satisfied with each other.

This is an exciting and stimulating overlay for love relationships. The only danger hear is that the illusion of perfection is just that: an illusion. Your partner can sense that you are not really into them. You may be together out of a sense of duty or obligation. You can be of service to each other in other areas besides romance. This is a helpful and productive overlay for work relationships, but this is not a stimulating overlay for romance. And I fell just as it is described here.

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We also have his Venus trine my Moon in Sagittarius. Does this aspect Venus trine Moon can ease his Venus in my 4th house? I am in love with a man whose Venus overlays my 7th house. My Venus is on his 5th house. Notify me when new comments are added.

Lea on March 29, at am said:.Back to Synastry Main Page. On our main Synastry page, we offered an overview of considerations for compatibility.

On our Compatibility Analysis page, we offered a weighting system for various interchart aspects and positions. On the More on Synastry page, we explore more Synastry details and compatibility factors.

On our Synastry Books Compared page, we reveal our favorite books on relationship astrology, and why we like them. When we look at interchart aspects, we learn much about how two people in a relationship interact and what kind of impact they have on one another. If we place the planets and points of one chart into or around the other, we become privy to important information about which areas of life this interaction is concentrated, and how each person views the other person in more specific terms.

Generating bi-wheel charts, such as the ones pictured below, is helpful when we are studying house overlays. For example, we see that his Sun conjunct South Node fall in her 5th house, at her Moon.

We also see Mars and Mercury overlaying her 5th house Mercury is very close to her 6th house cusp. His Moon conjunct Neptune overlay her 3rd house. His Saturn falls in her 1st house, near her Ascendant. His Ascendant falls in her 11th house, and so forth. The above chart is the reverse. Her Neptune technically does fall in his 4th house, but it is tightly conjunct his 5th house, so we consider her Neptune as overlaying his 5th house.

You can also see that her Neptune falls on his own Moon and Neptune conjunction. House overlays go two ways. If my Sun overlays your sixth house, for example, you will view me as useful. If my Sun interacts with your planets in a generally challenging way, you may ultimately consider me to be counter-productive or meddling.

I awaken sixth house issues in you. You may feel somewhat dependent on me in the areas of routines, work, and everyday issues, especially since the Sun is a positive, yang energy, and the sixth house has a yin, receptive energy.

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You receive, and I give, which can set up a co-dependent relationship if other factors in the synastry between us support this. Another example: If your Sun overlays my fourth house, you affect me in a very deep way. Because you bring out a very needy feeling in me, it would be easy for me to be extremely sensitive to your actions in our relationship. It can take students of astrology a bit of time to wrap their brains around the concept of house overlays in synastry.

If your Sun falls in my eighth house, for example, when I interact with you, it is somewhat like the Sun is transiting my eighth house, highlighting and illuminating 8th house issues for me.

Similarly, if my Sun falls in your third house, I have a similar effect on your life as the Sun transiting your third house. Where the Moon falls in house overlays can be very revealing as well, especially in intimate relationships.

I was consulted by a woman whose intimate friendship with a man had ended, and she felt completely torn apart. She had had longer relationships with men that ended, and she felt she recovered from these more easily than she could from this comparatively brief relationship.

Love Synastry: Venus in the Houses

Of course, many factors are involved, but one stood out for me, and it helps illustrate the importance of house overlays in relationship analysis.

Her Moon falls in his fifth house, and his Moon falls in her fourth house near the IC, the fourth house cusp. She felt dependent on him for emotional sustenance. He told her that he was saddened that the relationship ended as well, but he did not display the same kind of neediness and attachment to the relationship that she did. He missed the good feelings they shared, the laughs fifth house feelings.Venus represents the Goddess of Love and reflects our loving nature. A planet of physical sensuality, desire and material, attraction and projection of ourselves.

It inspires us in what traits we notice in others. Venus rules over creativity and the beauty that inspires creative expression and its placement in synastry gives us insight into how our partnerships stimulate us with the power Venus possesses.

4th house synastry

They perceive the Venus person as an ideal candidate for a partnership. The Venus person generates feelings in the House person that makes him or her feel irreplaceable and unique which usually entails showering of gifts and compliments. This aspect involves creative birth and also cultivating resources to enhance the quality of life of both people. The potential for transforming intellectual and creative talents into monetary resources is quite high.

There is concern for one another and communication is emphasized as a strong point in the rapport. There is concern, compassion and sensitivity displayed in interactions along with an effort to console conflict through discussion.

4th house synastry

However, there may be such discomfort with conflict that problems may be dismissed or gone without address in order to avoid a potential tiff. Arguments will be scarce with this aspect due to the high emphasis on maintaining peace and harmony. This aspect indicates similarities found in youth. The families or early childhood years are relatable to those of the partner.

This is also an excellent placement for merging families into a single unit. A scenario involving two broken families sharing a similar visions and undergoing transformation that repairs and units is compatible with this aspect. It also resonates with long-term partnerships, deep friendship, love and marriage.

This placement is very fun and exciting placement for Venus in synastry! There is high potential for romance, love and absolute adoration. There is likely to be many surprises, enjoyable quality time, enhanced romantic expression, loads of laughter and the union will certainly stimulate the inner-child.

A great deal of physical affection such as cuddling or light playful competition might transpire here. Your partner may also be relief from stressors caused from adulthood and the relationship itself is a source of entertainment. The Venus person plays a role in aiding the House person on developing greater efficiency in their work regime, schedule or lifestyle choices.

There is an emphasis on collaboration. There may be an emphasis on health concerns, particularly the Venus person and concern for the health and wellbeing of the Sun person. The cusp of the 6 th House may provide more insight into the additional areas that the Venus person will be able to assist the House person in improving. The House person should also remain conscious to avoid taking advantage of the Venus person.

You Light Up My Life: Sun in Houses in Synastry

The House person sees the Venus person as their ideal partner and this may be an indication of marriage depending upon other aspects in chart backing this. The House person is likely to offer a great deal of support and love to the Venus person. Both parties take the relationship rather seriously and emphasis on obtaining mutual respect and establishing a long-term partnership is plausible. This position implies equality and benefit from the connection is gained in either a friendship or romantic rapport.

The intimacy is deep with Venus in the 8 th. It feels natural to share and merge resources together. There is a strong sense of bonding gained through emotional and physical intimacy and the sexual engagement is likely intensely passionate and emotionally fulfilling. A mutual interest in taboo or subjects involving occult, mysteries, sexual activity and secrets is often shared.

The House person may benefit in financial gain as well as emotional support from this union.Those are some wonderful aspects to have you will have a terrific romantic life together. You will feel confident and positive while together. He stimulates your self expression and desire for romance and fun.

Very positive aspects! Mars is aggressive by nature but the sign and house, and aspects made to him will alter how he plays out in synastry. On a very general level, he shows where we will put the majority of our energy, use aggression or put effort into, in synastry he shows where we will stimulate, push or spark our partners.

This is the house of money but also self-esteem, which is often inter-related. There is usually a mutual respect or appreciation for one an other's talents and going into a business together might prove profitable.

The Mars person might stimulate new money-making opportunities or ideas for the house person in which they may benefit from. Perhaps the house person admires the Mars persona, courage, directness and what appears self-confidence.

The Mars person might stimulate the house person's need for pleasures and material security. Mars will likely want to talk money and business or in the negative cost the house person money.

Regardless the house person will likely be quite generous to the Mars person because they feel much more confident around them. Although this is a materialistic house, it is also a sensual house so this placement indicates much attraction, or a strong desire to experience the finer things in life together, sensuality and sex. If Mars is afflicted then the Mars person may become a financial burden the house person, or become too interested in the financial affairs of the house person.

The house person may become possessive of the Mars person if the attraction is mutual and this is a love relationship. Mars in your Partners 3rd house The Mars person will likely stimulate the house persons mind. This is a very talkative or chatty position for Mars so depending on how both people relate will depict how this truly plays out. It is possible that the house person may find the Mars person to aggressive when communicating, over talking or talking more than listening.

However, if both people are conscious or mindful then this can be a very stimulating aspect. Communication is very important between two people, and this indicates a lot in common or much to talk about. Mars in your Partners 4th house This placement indicates that both people will spend much of their time talking about home or family.

Both people might have similarities in the way they were both raised or there may be strikingly similar things about one another that reminds them of home, early childhood or a family member.

The Mars person might pry a bit too much into the house persons past or early upbringing, leaving no stone unturned. If this is a romantic relationship than their will probably be a strong, desire to set up home together and if you both live together your family life will be invigorating. Mars in your Partners 5th house This is usually a very romantic, passionate and playful position for Mars.

The Mars person will stimulate the house persons sense of fun, and play inducing laughter and love. You will enjoy spending much of your time being playful. You both will spark one an others creativity but will also encourage one another to express it openly. You will be very supportive of one an others natural expression, this is a very encouraging placement.

Sex will be passionate, and having children may be on your minds, when the time is right. Mars in your Partners 6th house Although this is not exactly the most romantic placement, it most certainly can be. The Mars person will stimulate the house person to take better care of themselves, or will be concerned about the house persons health and well being.

4th house synastry

The house person will provide the Mars person with more productive ways to utilize their time, perhaps by making more efficient suggestions. You will both want to take care of one another, and although your expression of affection might be more practical it is no less, meaningful.

You will show your love for one another by caring practically for one another, in the day to day, health and perhaps of being of service always there to help.

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